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The Write Rebecca is sitting on a log with her two pet dogs

Vet, Pet & Equine Industry Copywriter & Messaging Strategist

Words That Get Tails Wagging

Delivering copywriting and brand messaging consultancy that speaks to pet professionals and owners alike.


Drive conversions, build your pet brand's visibility and engage your audience across channels, all whilst nailing veterinary and pet marketing regulations.

Pet Copywriting & Messaging Strategy

Pet and veterinary industry marketing can feel like you’re chasing your tail.


Finding your audience, exciting them and keeping them coming back is the ultimate challenge facing pet marketers and business owners. 


The pet and veterinary industry comes with unique challenges.

How do you resonate with multiple audiences, both clinical veterinary professionals and fluffy pet owners?

And when sticking to industry regulations, how do you communicate your value when you're restricted on what you can say?

Great copywriting should empower and enable consumers to make informed and educated choices for their patients and pets.

The Write Rebecca is sitting with her laptop, working on pet copywriting and messaging strategy

Hi, I’m Rebecca, a veterinary, pet and equine industry copywriter with a passion for working with brands that have the health and wellbeing of animals at their heart.


I am a specialist pet copywriter and brand messaging strategist, delivering multi-channel marketing and communications strategies with optimised copywriting that showcases your pet brand's superpowers.


Nail your copy and build a messaging strategy to get your clients purring, all whilst staying within the veterinary industry regulations and out of the marketing doghouse.

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Brands I Have Worked With...

The Write Rebecca's pet copywriting client logo - Purina
The Write Rebecca's pet copywriting client logo - Adaptix
The Write Rebecca's pet copywriting client logo - Antinol
The Write Rebecca's pet copywriting client logo - Drontal
The Write Rebecca's pet copywriting client logo - IDEXX
The Write Rebecca's pet copywriting client logo - Innovet CPD

Pet Copywriting & Marketing Services

Pet Copywriting Link - dog paws on screen

Pet & Veterinary Copywriting

The right words to engage and spark excitement across channels, territories, media types, and audiences.

Specialist pet copywriting for all of your marketing needs.

Pet Brand Messaging Strategy - a dog and cat talking

Brand Messaging Strategy

Struggling with what you can say or how to reach your veterinary or pet audience?

Let's work together to align your messaging with your customers' needs' and build a brand messaging strategy that converts.

Pet content marketing - a blog with dog paws

Content Marketing

SEO-optimised content and a content strategy built around your pet audience, even if veterinary regulations mean you can't use your ideal keywords.


VMD and ASA regulatory and copy audits - Pet tick boxes with paw prints in each box

Regulatory Audits

Selling your brand's superpowers whilst staying VMD or FDA-safe means treading a fine marketing line.

Learn what you can and can't say, get your current marketing checked or edited, and stay out of the pet marketing doghouse.

Pet Industry Copy & Strategy in Four Easy Steps

Every pet is unique, with their own quirks and personality. The same can be said of pet and veterinary brands, so each project is bespoke to suit the needs of your brand, your marketing team and your business plan.

But no matter the project, these are the steps we will always take together.

1. Connect - Yellow cat - Pet copywriting process & strategy


We meet to discuss your project, strategies and timelines.


I learn as much as I can about you, your brand and how your team works. Then, we develop a support strategy that takes the pressure off you and your marketing team.


Research is the backbone of all copywriting and makes your marketing resonate with your audience and sound like you.


Depending on the project, I delve into the depths of your pet brand. Assessing your copy and content, and digging into audience and competitor research, as well as voice-of-customer research.

2. Consider - orange running dog - Pet brand messaging strategy process
3. Yellow cat - Create - Vet Copywriting process


This is where the magic happens!


I tap away, crafting your compelling copy, building your brand strategy, or auditing your brand messaging for conversions or compliance.


It's tail-waggingly good stuff!


I deliver your copy, ready to go out into the world – converting pet parents and veterinary professionals to the wonders of your brand.


Your content strategy is developed, and your brand voice and messaging strategy is nailing conversions, all whilst staying VMD-safe and compliant.

4. Orange dog and cat - Convert - Veterinary brand messaging process

"We needed our brand to talk both direct to veterinary experts, but also to educate our everyday customers. 

It's great to have Rebecca on board as she is clinically trained and understands veterinary terminology. She can break it down and articulate it to customers in a clear and engaging way."

Tim Paton
Vetz Petz Ltd
Global Marketing Director

Working with Rebecca was an absolute pleasure! 

Rebecca is really knowledgeable about the veterinary industry from both a B2B and B2C viewpoint. 

We are a very busy team with rapidly changing timelines and priorities, but Rebecca was adaptable and went above and beyond to support us. 

I would highly recommend her! 

Claire Pritchard
Virtual Recall
Marketing Manager

Hi Rebecca, Thank you for sending this over. I have one word to say...

You're awesome! (Well that's two words).

Such a comprehensive dive down into our emails and very concise planning. So, so happy to have you onboard with your professional eye on this. 

I got very excited reading this and finally getting some structure & insights!

Vicki Stout
Innovet CPD

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