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Pet, Vet & Equine Industry Copywriting

All the purr-fect words

Veterinary copywriter The Write Rebecca asking her dog, a brown springer spaniel what pet copywriting she needs.

It’s easy to feel invisible in the vastness of the internet. Does Google even know you exist? 


Your website needs to be master of all things – woo Google, showcase you against your competitors and win over your audience (whether they be fluff-loving pet owners or technical veterinary professionals). 


But copywriting isn’t just about your website. 

In this industry, the list of copy requirements is endless… detailers, brochures, leaflets, packaging, emails, product descriptions… It’s a daunting prospect.


However you sell your pet product or veterinary service, you’ll need persuasive, engaging and veterinary industry-compliant copywriting to back you up. 

And that’s a whole lotta words! 


Fear not, I am here. 

Don’t battle your way up this copy mountain alone.

I write SEO-friendly copy that nails your brand voice – whether that be for fluff-friendly consumers or technical veterinary professionals. 

I understand your audience and the veterinary industry. I know what you can say and what will put you on the veterinary industry marketing naughty step.

So take a load off your mind and get your copywriting done for you.


Whilst I write, why don’t you take the dog out, go for a ride or crack on with the rest of your to-do list, safe in the knowledge that your copy is sorted?

Two dogs facing a copywriting moutain together. Looking out across a valley.

Copywriting services

I undertake all forms of copywriting exclusively for pet, vet & equine brands.

Get in touch to discuss your project

  • Websites

  • Emails 

  • Product descriptions

  • Detailers and leave-behinds

  • White papers

  • Press releases

  • Advertorials

  • Trade stand copy

  • Packaging copy

Pet Website Copywriting Packages

Ready to get your www on the wwweb?

Maybe you already have a website, but it's not working, or it's out of date, or perhaps you need something completely new and shiny. 

Whether it's one page or hundreds, you can book me to write your pet brand's website.

But lots of my clients don't need vast numbers of pages to kick them off.

5 pages will nail the basics, so grab yourself a website copywriting package and get that website off your to-do list and onto the web!

A Dachshund dog peeping out of a cardboard box - Website copywriting packages
Pet paw print - yellow bullet point
Paw print bullet point - orange
Paw print bullet point - purple
Pet paw print - yellow bullet point
Paw print bullet point - orange
Paw print bullet point - purple
Pet paw print - yellow bullet point
Paw print bullet point - orange

Waggingly-Good Website Package

What's included in the package? Everything you need to get pet people purring over your website and tapping that buy button.


5 SEO, conversion, and compliance-optimised webpages for your pet brand

(Usually Home, About, Services, Contact and one other)

Kick-off and wrap-up calls, as well as a first draft run-through

Voice of customer research, including up to 4 customer interviews

Competitor and keyword research

Copy that sounds authentically you, while resonating with your audience. Making them feel connected to your brand and excited to buy

Two rounds of revisions

Professional proofreading to tidy up any typos

An implementation checklist to help your copy find its way to the search engine Gods.

​Total Investment


Ready to hit the web?

Need a bigger website or have a different project in mind?

No problem. Drop me an email here, or ping me a message on my contact form

Looking for blogs, articles or case studies? 

Check out my content writing services.

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