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Laptop with hands typing and a stethoscope, writing a pet copywriting healthcheck from The Write Rebecca.

Copy Health Checks

You’ve grabbed the bull by the horns, your website is out there, and your email sequences are live. But you’ve got a nagging feeling you’re not getting your point across.


Or perhaps it was all written ages ago; things have changed in the business, and clients just aren’t excited by your words. 


Step into my consulting room, and let's get you a health check! 

What Are Copy Health Checks, And Why Do I Need Them?

Sometimes, you need professional external eyes on your pet business to find the gaps and make your words sparkle. 


Plus, in the animal industry, the VMD and ASA may be looming. “Have I claimed too much?” “Have I made ‘medicinal claims’?” Eek!


Health checks are a top-level view of your messaging. 

They give you a steer on what is working and what needs tweaking. 

They help your website convert, keep your messaging safe but exciting, and help your emails win new business – so that customers (and their pets) keep coming back.

Dog wearing a medical collar. He needs a pet copywriting healthcheck from The Write Rebecca

The Health Checks

Pet paw print in stethoscope, heading copywriting healthchecks for veterinary copywriter The Write Rebecca

The Copy Check

A top-level look at up to 5 of your web pages. Does it have everything it needs to be credible, engage, and get tails wagging

You get a full report covering the good bits, the bits that need help, and my professional recommendations to make it sparkle so that your customers stick around! 


You get...

  • A detailed written report on up to 5 webpages

  • Messaging tips specific to your business and audience

  • A video run-through explaining my findings and recommendations




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Checklist with paw prints as bullet points heading a veterinary copywriting compliance audit service from The Write Rebecca

The Compliance Bit

Pill Variety

A compliance check picks up on messaging and terminology you may be using, which could be deemed medicinal by presentation, to help you deliver compliant copy without losing the essence of your message. 


We look at your website as a whole, checking your top-level messaging, then focus on up to 3 pages (usually a homepage and 2 product pages). 


This is not a legal check, and legal responsibility lies with you as a brand, but this service will help you to understand what you can and can’t say – and why. 

Compliance is a vital piece of the puzzle for any business in the animal nutrition and health sector, whether you’re marketing pet food, supplements, or you’re a veterinary healthcare brand. 


Getting your messaging right is not only important to your clients, but it keeps you safe and out of the marketing doghouse. 


The Veterinary Medicines Directorate and the Advertising Standards Authority enforce marketing regulations to ensure products don’t make medicinal claims if they’re not a registered medicine. Classic examples are using the words “treat” and “prevent”, or using a disease term.

(Compliance checks are an add-on to the copy health check and are not a stand-alone service.) 



Total investment £385

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Email symbol of an envelope with a pawprint heading The Write Rebecca's email copywriting audit service

The Email Audit

Email marketing helps you connect with your customers on a personal level. Your emails need to work hard to deliver the engagement you deserve. 

An email audit does a sweep of your emails, up to 3 sequences (a max of 15 emails), to assess their current success and where we could make adjustments to get them working hard for your business. 


We look at their open rates and click rates, comparing them to average and industry-specific rates. And we investigate the messaging, ensuring your sequences are optimised for conversion.


Finally, we suggest some next steps in each sequence and in your overall email strategy to build brand recognition, loyalty and customer retention rates.


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Copy Health Checks Are Useful For…

  • Brands with a marketing team but no in-house, industry-specific copywriter

  • Businesses that’ve not updated their copy in some time

  • Brands who have shifted focus or are worried they’re drifting into veterinary/medicinal territory

  • Those who feel their copy isn’t working hard enough

  • Marketing managers or founders assessing their copy to determine priority actions

  • Founders who DIY’d their copy and want a professional to check that it’s working.

Looking For Copywriting Or Messaging Strategy? 

Check out my other services to support your pet business.

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