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When to outsource your pet copywriting away from your in-house team

So, you’re frantically pounding away at your marketing to-do list. Your team is working flat out, but the list keeps getting longer.

As the marketing manager, when do you say enough is enough and choose to outsource to a freelance copywriter? And if you choose to make that leap of faith, who to pick when the industry is so fraught with nuances, weird terms, and crazy regulations? A generalist? A specialist? A pet-industry-specific copywriter?

Let’s pick apart when to outsource copywriting away from your in-house team, who to pick and why.

What is an industry-specific copywriter?

An industry-specific copywriter specialises in their specific industry rather than niching into a specific type of copy (e.g. email copy).

There aren’t that many of us about. At least not in the animal industry. In my case, I am a pet, equine, and veterinary industry copywriter.

Pet copywriters understand the audiences, their needs, wants, and desires, and all the nuances that come with the industry. The right lingo, the right lingo for the right audience, the marketing regulations, the VMD regulations.

You name it, an experienced pet, veterinary, or equine industry copywriter will have all of that nailed without you needing to hold their hand.

Why not use a generic copywriter?

There are some incredible freelance copywriters out there who could no doubt crack out fab copy for you. But a pet industry copywriter will get the brief, know exactly how this fits into your marketing strategy, and hit right to the heart of your target audience's needs and desires.

A veterinary industry copywriter will know how to speak to veterinary professionals with the right balance of technical detail and emotion—whilst also appealing to worried owners wanting to do the right thing.

An equine copywriter will know not to refer to an elderly horse as "senior." It's "veteran." They'll understand your buyer's motivations.

For example, why deep riding tight pockets don't just mean you can carry your phone. Those deep pockets are a lifeline to the yard when your precious horse is heading home alone.

Hiring an industry-specific copywriter means you won't need to explain the ins and outs of the industry, pick out terms that don't quite fit, or explain the VMD and what you can and can’t claim.

Hiring a vet, pet, and equine copywriter makes outsourcing your website copy, content creation, or email marketing campaigns a breeze.

7 times you should outsource your copywriting from your in-house team.

You might have a team of marketers working across your brand, with a full insights team supporting you. Or perhaps you're a very small team managing the marketing for a brand in rapid growth. Whatever position your brand is in, here are 5 times you should outsource your copywriting to an industry-specific copywriter.

1. Your to-do list is as long as your arm.

You’ve got a new product launch, a line extension, an email campaign, and a full re-write of the website on your plate…and thats just the tip of the iceberg.

Management has big plans, and keep adding to your epic list.

2. You have a new launch and can't keep up with current AND new content.

The launch date for your new product or service is looming, but you can’t take your foot off of the rest of the brand’s marketing. How do you keep that ticking over AND focus on your launch? Why not outsource some to give you time to focus your attention where it’s needed?

3. Your team are super strong marketers, but their pet industry experience is limited.

You’ve recruited the best of the best, and your team really knows their shhh. But they’ve come from other industries. Food, travel, SAAS. Their skills, ideas, and creativity are second-to-none, but sometimes you need that pair of eyes who knows the pet market inside-out. Someone who knows the audience and their motivations.

4. You need copy across channels and territories

It’s too big for one marketing manager to tackle! Your product needs copy that appeals to vets, pet owners, retailers, and wholesalers…all at once. Oh, and it needs to be in the UK, America, and Australia. And the rules are all different. GAH!

5. You've been flagged by the VMD and need support writing compliant copy.

Eek! Scary! You’re on the naughty step. Or you think you might soon be, but you’ve never dealt with this kind of marketing regulation before. Your product does incredible things, but you’re struggling with how to safely say all it can do…without breaking the rules.

6. You need to rank for things you can’t say!

Tricky. You can’t use the keywords your clients are searching for because of the regulations. How the hell do you keep the Google Gods happy, improve your SEO, and stay within the rules? It’s a mystery!

7. The overwhelm is taking control

We all feel it. Especially with deadlines looming or projects piling up. Or maybe you feel like your current copy just isn’t working, but you can’t find the words. Gah!

Finding an industry-specific expert copywriter you click with, can relieve some of that load. So you can shut your computer down at the end of the day, knowing things are sorted, and you can happily spend your evening binge-watching Harry Potter instead of nervously checking your emails.

(I’m a Ravenclaw. It’s all under control—trust me.)

Ready for me to work my wordy wizardry on your to-do list? Get in touch today for tail-waggingly good copy that speaks to the heart of your audience.

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