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Deck the Halls with Christmas Copywriting

Updated: Jan 9

Ahh, can you feel it?

I'm already decking my halls and fa-la-la-la-laaing (not to mention stressing as my daughter adds more overpriced toys to her already ridiculous list).

Christmas is ploughing at us, like an unruly reindeer at a pile of carrots.

John Lewis has dropped their annual budget on one tv ad, and Slade is blaring from every shop.

Is your business knocking back the eggnog or going into hibernation?

When do you start the Christmas build-up?

Are you getting your customers in the spirit or avoiding it like the plague?

Should you be wrapping everything in Christmas copywriting?

Well, I hate to be your copywriting Scrooge, but yes.

Come on, crack out your tinsel. It’s time to get Christmassy.

Already? It's only November!

I know, but before your pumpkin has gone mouldy, your customers are adding to their gift lists.

Even if you’re not an e-commerce business, a nod to Christmas will resonate with your audience.

If you can talk about something already on their minds, it makes you instantly relatable and interesting.

So yes, it’s November, but to stay on your audience’s frantic radar, make sure you stay in front of them with relevant seasonal content.

Capture the magic

Even if you’re not 5, there’s no denying that Christmas has a magical sparkle. So use it to your advantage.

At this time of year, consumers are often feeling more emotional. Tap into this with storytelling in your copy and content. Make it relatable and weave some emotion into your marketing.

Want some examples of why to bother? Just look at John Lewis, Coca Cola, ALL the supermarkets and Pets At Home to see that storytelling is the way forward at Christmas.

(Who hasn’t shed a tear at a “totes emosh” tv ad? I cried at an advert for a bed once. I was pregnant. That’s my excuse, and I’m sticking to it!)

To pun or not to pun

This one divides copywriters the world over.

Go for a Christmas cliche or avoid the cringe factor like the plague?

Well, for this one, you need to understand your audience.

Who are you talking to?

Check your brand tone of voice and get some voice of customer research under your belt.

Armed with this, you will know if your audience is wrapped in sparkly tinsel or curled up like Scrooge-McGrump.

Target your copy and content accordingly.

If your audience are decking the halls and filling their stockings, then mirror their language and drop a Christmas pun or ten.

If they can’t wait until it’s all over, avoid puns and play to their dislikes.

Create content that is sympathetic and understanding of their seasonal frustrations.

Be mobile

Despite all the social events, we are all still stuck to our phones at this time of year.

So think mobile.

If you are an e-commerce business, check your copy and site design are mobile-friendly.

50% of e-commerce sales are on mobile devices, and 20% of consumers say they make more impulse purchases on their phones than any other device. (1)

If it’s not short, snappy and mobile-friendly, your bounce rate will be off the chart. No one has time to faff with clunky sites at this time of year.

Make sure your web copy flows and targets the right audience in the right voice.

Your copy and content are the face of your business.
Words are your tools to draw in customers and turn them on to you and your business.
So make those words sparkle!!

And Happy Christmas copy-fans!

Need help with your Christmas copywriting?

I am all about the tinsel. I can’t wait to get my tree up.

I can help you inject some Christmas spirit into your copywriting.

Get in touch today for your copywriting Santa delivery.

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