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What's getting the pet industry hot under the collar in 2022?

Updated: Jan 9

Pet industry trends getting tails wagging in 2022.

Ahh, the heady days of 2019. When hundreds of people could gather in one room. People would shake hands without thinking, and hand sanitiser in your back pocket was, frankly, weird.

Thanks to the ol' pandemic, it's been two years since an in-person pet trade show at Sandown, and the industry was super excited to be together.

With fabulous new products everywhere, the stands at PATS looked HOT, and the atmosphere was buzzing.

It was a packed show with over 130 exhibitors, attended by delegates from corporate and independent retailers, groomers, kennels, and trainers. You name it – if they’re in the pet industry, they were there.

As a pet business copywriter, I attended to connect with pet business owners and marketing managers. I loved every moment, wandering the stands, checking out new products and catching up with contacts. (If you want to see which products have ended up in my shopping basket, check out my faves here…)

But what are the top trends in the pet industry in 2022?

What themes dominated the show?

Here’s what to look out for in .


Yep, this isn’t going away.

Many brands mentioned the impact of “humanisation” on the pet industry to me. Pet owners are more aware of what they're putting on and in their bodies, which is reflected in their choices for their pets.

Clean living is the order of the day – whether you’re a gym-going human or a wood-walking spaniel.

The rise and rise of raw

The number and variety of raw and raw-based diets at the show was phenomenal! There were fewer traditional kibble-based foods – although they had their place. Seemingly, raw is king in 2022.

And surprisingly, if it’s not raw, it's vegan. Another win for “pet humanisation”. (Well, at least for dogs…for cats, the concept makes me jittery.)


We all know the planet is on a super-fast highway to self-destruction. The pet industry has this on its mind and is supporting pet owners to do better for the planet.

From compostable poo-bags to hemp oil and sustainably sourced cinnamon chew sticks – If you have a planet-friendly sustainability story, shout it from the rooftops. Consumers want to hear it.

Feed brands have an answer to this planet problem too. Insects!

While you might not fancy creepy-crawlies in your breakfast, they're the next big thing if you're an eco-conscious pet owner – reducing carbon footprints and the impact on the planet, whilst feeding tasty, novel protein sources.

I was assured it’s delicious…I’ll leave it to my Rosie to pass the final verdict.

DIY luxury

The age of the pandemic puppy and lockdown kitten means the pet industry is in rapid growth.

As a result of isolation and businesses shutting down – DIY luxury is ‘on trend’, not just for hoomins.

Home grooming, home baking – everything you can imagine to make pets feel truly pampered.

Regulatory activity

Alright, so it’s not a product trend, but this is important for pet businesses considering their marketing and copywriting activities.

I heard from various brands across the show that the regulatory bodies are super active at the moment. The VMD and trading standards are particularly busy bees – keeping brands compliant and calling them out where needed.

Ensuring your copy is compliant has always been vitally important for your pet business, but with industry regulator activity on the increase, it's crucial

Check and double-check what your marketing assets are saying before heading to market. Are you sure it’s compliant?

Heading home

As the show came to a close and exhausted, but happy feet (and a few paws) headed home, the pet industry reflected on how incredible it is to be back to “in real life” business.

For myself, it was inspiring to see and meet so many brands with innovative new products and the health and welfare of pets at their heart.

Roll on PATS Telford in September.

If you need support with your pet copywriting or worry about your copy being compliant, book a copy clarity call today.

Check out my services here.

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