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Pet Copywriting & Brand Messaging Strategy Services

Words that get tails wagging!

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Finding the right words for your pet or veterinary brand is hard. 

Words that engage. 

Words that win the hearts of pet parents and professionals alike. 

Words that say it all whilst sticking to industry regulations. 


And in an industry moving faster than your average greyhound, keeping your messaging consistent and getting the words on paper, whilst managing the rest of the business can feel like tackling Everest. 


After all, it’s the words that make the sale. It’s the words that inspire and connect with your pet-loving audience.


So let me take the copywriting, content writing and messaging strategy off your hands – giving you the time to focus on the things you do best.

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Ways I can help you

I’m a pet, veterinary and equine industry specialist. I know what makes pet owners tick. I know what gets vets out of bed. I know what keeps an equine audience awake at night. 


So how can I help your brand? 


From websites to leaflets, packaging, and PR.


Your copywriting needs to resonate across multiple media with a wag-worthy cohesive message.

Content Writing

Pet parents need to know you exist, but without a content strategy and optimised articles, the Google gods won’t rank you.


Let’s build a strategy that gets you found and builds your authority as an expert in your field.

Brand Messaging Strategy

Your brand messaging strategy is at the heart of all your communications.


Focus your messaging with research and insights which reverberate through your entire brand to build communications that convert.

Copy & Regulatory Audits

The Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD), Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA, in the States) regulate everything our industry says.

Stay the right side of the regulations whilst communicating your value with a regulatory audit, and messaging support

OMG, it’s like magic! It’s so much better!

With Rebecca, it’s the word equivalent of going to the hairdresser in a messy bun and coming out with red-carpet hair.

Daphne Mavroudi-Chocholi

Managing Director

Vetz Petz

As your pet industry specialist copywriter, I will…

  • Support your team of awesome marketers with copywriting that is clinical, technical or needs a pet-marketing specialist’s eye to resonate with your target markets


  • Craft copy for a new launch, or support you in growing an existing line, even in a crowded market


  • Build a messaging and voice strategy that resonates whilst also staying compliant and off the VMD or ASA’s naughty step


  • Increase your visibility with SEO content and a strategy that gets you in front of your audience, even if you’re not allowed to use your keywords. (Hint: pain, treat, and any medicinal-by-presentation naughties. Eek!)

I firmly believe that kick-ass storytelling builds businesses, and that great copywriting should empower and educate audiences to make informed choices for their customers and pets.

Rebecca of The Write Rebecca sitting on a bench doing some copywriting on her laptop

Let's Get Your Project Started

Thanks so much! I'll ping you back ASAP

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