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The Write Rebecca

Copywriter & Brand Messaging Strategist specialising in tail-wagging words for pet & veterinary brands

Connecting pet owners, vets and retailers is hard.


They all want different things. Need different information and crave different connections.

Then the regulations trip you up on what your marketing can say.


Multiple channels, different target markets and vast product lines can water down your messaging, and it isn’t landing.


Let's turn growls into purrs and get your copy connecting.

Rebecca sitting at her desk with a cup of tea, ready to start copywriting
The Write Rebecca sitting under a tree with her two dogs and her laptop

Hi, I'm Rebecca

I hate talking about myself, so let’s start with why we’re here.

It’s for the fluffies and furries, right?


Selling in the pet world is hard! And we pet people have some strange quirks.

Then there are the regulations to contend with. Phew!


Plus, you’re marketing in multiple channels: vet, consumer, and trade…sometimes across multiple countries, with different rules. 


Your to-do list is never-ending. Maybe your team are kick-ass marketing superstars but are new to the pet industry. 

Maybe you’re adding lines, launching new stuff, and frantically plugging to keep the current line smashing its KPIs.


The life of a pet industry professional is a frantic one. 


Let me loosen the lead on your to-do list. 


I help pet, veterinary and equine business owners, CEOs, and marketing managers nail their messaging, resonate with their audiences, and tick that niggling copy off their to-do list.

The Write Rebecca for Your Brand

Pet Brand Specialist Thumbnail

Pet Brand Specialist

I am a clinical animal nutritionist, animal biologist and kick-ass sales and marketing professional – all rolled into one copywriting and strategy package.


I've worked with international animal health brands, delivering cross-channel copywriting and brand messaging support that both converts and is compliant.

Pet Passion

Pet Passion Thumbnail

With over 15 years of experience in the animal industry, I know what makes your audience tick.


Crafting copy that targets fluffy pet parents AND clinical veterinary professionals across channels and media is challenging, but my skill set ensures that we get the message right for your brand.

startup to multinational thumbnail

From Start-Up to Multi-National

No matter the size of your brand I can provide unique and specialist support.


I provide animal health copywriting and brand messaging strategy to the pet industry. Supporting a full spectrum of brands, from start-up solopreneurs to multi-channel international brands – either working directly with you, or collaborating with your marketing team.

Doing Good

I only work with businesses I believe have the health and welfare of pets at their heart.


At the conclusion of every project, I make a donation to charity – supporting pet charities, children's charities and literacy charities. I want The Write Rebecca to do good things in the world.


I also plant trees each month (see the running total at the bottom of the page) and strive to be carbon neutral or better.

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Let's Get Your Project Started

Thanks so much! I'll ping you back ASAP

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