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4 copy tips to keep pet owners excited by your pet business.

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

Your product does wonderful things for pets, but how do you get their humans as tail-waggingly excited about your pet business as you are? It's all about the words.

4 copy tips to keep pet owners excited about your business. Picture of cute brown dog looking straight at you. The Write Rebecca

Pet food alone had a UK market value of 2.9 Billion pounds last year.

As a pet business owner, it’s easy to feel like a teeny fish in that massive pond.

How do you attract pet parents and keep them engaged? Keep them clicking? Keep them buying? They can be a tough crowd, and the competition is overwhelming.

How do you write copy and content for your pet business that gets pet parents to “sit” and “stay”?

🐕 Be fluffy

Us pet parents are a sentimental bunch. We love a story with a happy ending. We love a fluffy puppy or a cute kitten.

We love to know we are doing the best for our fluffy (feathered or scaly) friends.

So be fluffy.

Embrace the cute and squishy in your copy and content.

Talk about the successes, give them content that isn’t all about the sell. Make them want to be there with you, make them feel part of something wonderful, like a warm hug.

Go for a conversational tone, like you're having a cuppa and a chat.

It makes you feel genuine, adds a bit of personality and is easier to engage with.

Read your copy out loud. You might feel a bit of a loon, sitting in your office, chatting to yourself. No doubt you have a furry friend at your feet or pushing pens off of your desk. Read your copy to them. If it doesn’t flow, it won’t feel like a conversation.

🐈Be understanding

Pets have their problem. We love them, but jeez, can they pile on the stress when they want to!

But that’s what your business is all about, right?

Solving a problem that pet owners have?

Let your audient know that you get them. You see their worries and understand their woes.

Life with furries can be a minefield: so many choices, so many decisions.

Pet parents want to do the right thing. Be there for them. Be understanding.

And do it BEFORE the big sell.

If they feel seen, they'll trust you.

🐴Be authoritative.

You know your s**t on this topic. Course you do!

It's what you've built your business and, quite frankly, your life around. Right?

Demonstrate that you know what you're talking about. Use data, use testimonials. You are the expert here. Build your authority with added value.

Keep asking yourself, “why?”

Why are they googling at midnight? Why are they worried about that? Why are they looking at your competitors?

Understand your clients, and you understand how to get a “Yes”.

Teach them things that may change their life (even just a little bit), and they’ll keep coming back.

🐇Be awesome

We only make buying decisions when we trust a brand or product. So, building your social proof is vital to the success of your pet business marketing.

97% of customers read online reviews whenever they are making a purchasing decision. You need to cash in on that. (Brightlocal)

Let your customers do the selling for you with testimonials. Scatter them through your marketing like confetti. If you are an eCommerce business, get your review feature switched on and encourage customers to write something gorgeous.

Show off pets who are living their best life, because of your business.

But be careful.

Too much “look at me” can quickly turn your audience off. It’s a fine line to tread.

Make it about them. Mirror their worries and demonstrate that your business will enhance their fluffy awesomeness. Show them that you can solve their specific problem and you’ll keep them engaged.

There is no denying; it’s seriously tricky to master all four of these at once.

Be fluffy but authoritative and understanding but awesome. The balance is not easy to find, but if you keep these 4 things in mind as you write your copy, it will resonate much more with your target audience.

An engaged audience is a loyal audience who will come back to your pet business time and time again.

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