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Increased Capacity for Pet & Veterinary Copywriting & Messaging Strategy - Coming September 2023!

Yep! Life is a-changing around these parts! The smallest of the humans are off to school full-time in September. So, aside from maybe, possibly having more time to exercise (yeah, right), I’ll be increasing my hours for your pet business.

Not just increasing.



From 18th September, I will have increased availability for pet copywriting and veterinary copywriting, as well as content writing and messaging strategy development.

cartoon pug pointing to calendar saying "save the date"

In the coming weeks, my new website will launch with all the scrummy details of my updated packages.

These include a pet brand article package to keep your blog content fresh and engaging (and, of course, keep the Google Gods happy).

Plus, I’ll officially launch my pet business brand messaging strategy service.

Why do I need a pet messaging strategy?

When you run a business in this industry, knowing what you can and can't say is difficult. The Veterinary Medicines Directorate, along with the Advertising Standards Authority, run a tight marketing regulations ship.

Of course your supplement or food works wonders and is fantastic for the health and wellbeing of cats and dogs the world over.


If you’re not a registered veterinary medicine, you have to be super careful with your wording.

How do you communicate your pet product’s worth whilst avoiding pet-marketing naughty-step words like “treat” or “prevent”?

Or perhaps you are a veterinary brand, but how do you shift your messaging strategy from vet-focused if you want to crack the consumer market, or vice-versa?

From September, I will be offering a support package to help you develop the right, VMD-safe message to your consumers, whether you’re a pet consumer-focused brand or a technical vet-focused brand.

How do we get started on my pet copywriting or messaging strategy project?

Easy peasy! Ping me an email at or contact me here.

We’ll chat through your pet copywriting project, brainstorm your messaging strategy, and get you booked into my shiny, newly opened September calendar!

Have a fabulous summer! See you on the other side!

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