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Top 5 pet products of 2022

PATS Sandown 2022 was a fabulous showcase of all things pet.

If you’re in the pet trade and are looking for new products for your business, this is the place to go for inspiration, innovation and to stock those shelves!

I was there as a pet industry copywriter – meeting with pet business owners and marketing managers to discuss their copywriting needs. Still, it gave me the opportunity to scout the stands. I came back to two VERY happy spaniels, with a bag bulging with goodies!

Here are my personal favourites from PATS 2022.

Lickimat from Sharples

Image of Lickimat Splash, dog toy. Review by The Write Rebecca
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Boredom busting mats that keep your pooch busy and their taste-buds tingling.

Sharples have mats for every occasion. My personal favourite – the Lickimat Splash. It sticks to the bath while you wash off your stinky fox-poo coated dog (my two’s favourite). Spread their favourite tasty, soft treat on it and keep them occupied while you get to work.

Bella always looks like I'm torturing her in the bath. This should give the bathing guilt-fairy a kick!

The Cinnamuncher

Cinnamuncher stick - dog toy made from Cinnamon. Pet trade review by The Write Rebecca
Image credit

I fell in love with the story behind this brand and will go back time and again to keep my dogs stocked up.

It’s so simple, a chew stick made from Ceylon cinnamon wood.

It doesn’t splinter, it isn’t toxic in this form, and it's a waste product of the cinnamon farming industry in Sri Lanka. The fairly paid farmers get extra training to prepare the sticks for our pooches. The natural landscape is untouched by the farming, and part of the profits help improve local living conditions.

My dogs adore these sticks. Bella keeps taking them outside and stashing them in her (not so secret) horde.

Scoff Paper

Scoff Paper edible dog card "I rescued you. Then your rescued me." Review of pet products by The Write Rebecca
Image credit

Edible cards for dogs. Honestly, this rescue one nearly had me in tears right in the middle of the show. What a fab idea!

Send one to your own pooch on their gotcha’ day, or post a tasty treat to your niece-dog or grand-pup on their birthday.

I don't think I've ever seen such edible beauty. With cards for every occasion, get scribbling with your edible-ink pen!

Pure brilliance.

Nature’s Variety

Nature's variety freeze dried meat chunks. Pet products review by pet copywriter The Write Rebecca
Image credit

I’ll be honest. I’m not a raw feeder.

But, I am a lover of travel, and as a family, we own an ancient, rickety but homely old caravan.

(She’s 30 and known as Daeneyrs-tar-caravan).

Raw feeding can be tricky on the road, but Nature’s Variety has the solution.

Freeze-dried raw.

No more packing your teeny travel freezer with dog food. Stack these bad boys up in the cupboard. It’s raw with the convenience of dry, and I think it will go down a STORM!

Yora - Insect-based foods

Purple bag of Yora puppy food. Review of pet products by The Write Rebecca Pet Copywriter
Image credit

There were a few new insect-based diets at the show, but I love the branding, tone of voice and copy from Yora.

I can’t wait to try Rosie on this. She has allergies, so we are always keen to sample a novel protein source!

Claiming to be the most digestible and sustainable form of protein on the planet, Yora has diets for cats and dogs of all ages and sizes – as well as wet food and treats.

Add some planet-saving power to your pooch’s dinner.

These were my personal favourites from the show. They're on my shopping list and I’ll be treating my fur-babies!

I can’t wait to see what the PATS Telford show has to offer.

The team at PATS run a new products award at each show. This year, the judges said there was a high calibre of entries and tremendous innovation. Check out the official winners here…

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