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What even is the VMD and ASA, and why should my animal health business care?!

Lately, I’ve had lots of queries relating to what you can and can’t say in your animal health copy.

If you’re not running a Pet/Vet/Health based business, feel free to scroll on.

BUT, if you run a business selling anything like pet food, pet supplements, pet food additives, pet treats or shampoos, you need to know who the VMD and ASA are, and why they matter to you.

The Write Rebecca asking What is the WMD and why should I care?

So, we’ll start at the start.

💊The Veterinary Medicines Directorate

The VMD controls the regulation and authorisation of medicines when applied to animals.

They regulate production and distribution, advise the top government bods, and write, apply and enforce all UK legislation on veterinary medicines.

✅The Advertising Standards Authority

The ASA is the independent advertising regulator.

Their job is to make sure that all UK ads stick to the advertising rules. These guys are the top banana when it comes to advertising dos and don’ts. They will rule on any complaints made about your advertising and marketing. Keep in their good books, and all will be peachy.


“But why should I care? I don’t sell medicines”, I hear you cry.

You might not think this matters to you. You’re not a medicine, right?

Well true. But you really need to care if you don’t want to end up on the pet marketing naughty step.

The VMD and ASA work together to ensure that what you say in your advertising is clear, accurate and safe.

They ensure that it doesn’t exploit consumers and markets to the right people, in the right way, at the right times.

Between them, they lay down what you can and can’t say in your marketing.

And trust me, the rules are STRICT.

That means that as you’re not officially a medicine, you can’t make any claim that might suggest your animal health product has a medicinal benefit.

This covers all forms of advertising, including your website.

So, make sure you check out their rules and stick to them.

Worried about what you can and can’t say? Stay tuned. We’ll be covering that in the coming days.

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